Uninterruptible Power Supply & Solar Power Inverter-OEM business with Baykee China

  Baykee China, a leading OEM manufacturer with various uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and solar power inverter. The below is UPS and inverter OEM list:

  Uninterruptible power supply:

    1. online ups 1kva-400kva

    2. line interactive ups 500va-5000va

    3. home inverter 1kw-6kw

    Solar power inverter:

    1. Single phase off grid inverter 1kw-20kw

    2. 3 phase hybrid solar inverter 6kw-400kw

    3. home solar inverter 700w-6kw

We have a proven operation model for OEMs and as a process, we train OEM associates engineer in our factory, provide them with sufficient spare parts and some necessary documents, enable to carryout independent servicing of those ups and inverter.

    As a OEM partner, the following benefits are enjoyed by you.

    a. Offer need-based solutions (rather selling a product) to our customers

    b. Give more choose to client by offering customized solutions

    c. Enjoy OEM price and after-sales service revenues

    d. Give better warranty, make you have more orders by providing trustworthy to your customers

    Baykee OEM flow chart