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Congratulations! BAYKEE 2018 Domestic Marketing Annual Meeting held successfully

Author: BAYKEE   Source: Baykee’s Official Website    Update: JAN 3, 2018

Count down to the new year! BAYKEE Domestic Marketing Annual Meeting held 31th,Dec 2017~1st,Jan, 2018 at BAYKEE headquarter Foshan City. Mr. Wang Yanbin, vice president of Aerospace Changfeng, Minister of Aerospace Changfeng Development Zhao Zhihua, Baykee CEO Mr. Ye Dezhi, general manager of Baykee, Mr. Zhou Faneng, and all the top echelons of the company, as well as the 80 + sales channels from all over the country are gathered together to sum up the past and plan the future.

We Are Family 
The condensation gathers the strength, starts afresh. Since the establishment of the date of 2007, Baykee has gone through ten years, back to Baykee's birthplace, the Domestic Marketing Annual Meeting for the Baykee people, is a past and future landmark meeting.

General Manager Mr. Zhou Opening Statement For The Conference
General Manager Mr. Zhou said ” 2017 is a remarkable year for Baykee, Baykee successful held the grand 10 anniversary celebration; Baykee successfully completed the 2017-year performance commitment; Baykee successfully married Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd. ("Aerospace Changfeng"), for the next stage of the development of Baykee lay a solid foundation.”

Changfeng CEO Mr. Wang Introduce Them Business
The Year of 2018 will be a milestone for all BAYKEE team, hence BAYKEE formally incorporate into CASIC,who is a large state-owned hi-tech enterprise under direct administration of central government. CASIC engaged in researching and manufacturing air defense missile systems, cruise missile systems, solid rockets, and space products, covering land, sea, air, space and electromagnetism.

In 2017, the company set up seven major industry division, in-depth development of industry segments, and specific market segments for the industry to develop the exclusive scheme for the industry to speed up the market segment to provide a powerful weapon. In 2018, the industry department will continue to improve and upgrade the industry market segments of the product system and industry solutions, to provide customers with better quality, more professional products and solutions.

Baykee Manager Mr. Zuo Report On The Work Of The Subway Industry

Baykee Manager Mr. Dai Report On The Work Of The Highway Industry

Baykee Manager Mr. Zhang Report On The Work Of The Tube Gallery 

Baykee Manager Mr. Qin Report On The Work Of The Modular-Room 
To ensure the product quality and customer service experience, Baykee Supply Chain Center, Quality Aftermarket Center, manufacturing Center, Market Service Center, Finance Center and other departments in 2018 will further upgrade the key indicators in management innovation, resource integration, team building, process optimization and other aspects to make further improvements.

Baykee growth and development can not be separated from the first line of battle on the battlefield sales elite struggle, in the past year, Baykee emerged a group of excellent sales channel team, the marketing conference, Baykee solemnly praised these excellent sales channels and sales elite, set up a sales performance award and other 9 categories of awards. Among them, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Beijing, three regional sales and service outlets respectively obtained the Baykee Sales Performance award, the second runner-up.
Baykee Manager Mr. Ye Report On The Work Of Supply Chain Center

Baykee Manager Mr. Chen Report On The Work Of Manufacturing Center

Baykee Manager Mr. Zhong Report On The Work Of After-sales Certer

Baykee Manager Mr. Xu Report On The Work Of Treasury

Baykee Manager Mr. Li Report On The Work Of Market Service
Baykee's CEO Mr. Ye, made a concluding statement for the meeting. He affirmed the achievements made by Baykee's family in the past year, fully recognized outstanding performance and down-to-earth willing to do the sales elite and sales channels, encouraging Baykee family in the new platform to redouble their efforts.

Baykee CEO Mr.Ye tell baykee development in the future
Finally, CEO Mr. Ye of the ten years to accompany Baykee together with the growth of the family expressed heartfelt thanks, and encouraged the family in space Baykee this new platform, toward the "a widely trusted electrical enterprise" continuous March.

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