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BAYKEE features product - 100kva three phase online modular UPS

Author: Baykee    Source: Baykee’s Official Website  Update: April 17, 2017

Recently, Baykee was once sold a lot of machine which baykee features product 100kva three phase online modular UPS for Pakistan.

Online modular UPS range 10KVA-600KVA, modular UPS power range 10kva to 50kva, can be configured to 1P/1P, 3P/1P, 3P/3P, 1P/3P without derating. can support parallel 4 system, and 2.4MVA power protection, all technical indicators have reached the industry category I. We successfully applied IDC(internet data center), ISP, computer room, service room,financial industry, Government and commercial project, Production line, security system, hospital etc.

To provide our customer more flexibility, reliable, functional and affordable UPS, to meet the demand of user with best quality. 

About Baykee :

Baykee — leading integrated power solution provider. Baykee is being dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and selling data center IT infrastructure system solutions, electrical system of high-power Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), WIND&Solar Photovoltaic power system, charging piles and customized power related products, to providing high quality products and services guarantee to high-end users. Our achievements such as: Kenya Terminal, Bashir Farms, Vodafone Ghana data center, Guard Group Telecom Sites,Nigeria UT Bank Data Center and so on.

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