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NP Series 1kva 2kva home solar inverter

NP Series low power 1kva 2kva home solar inverter
Description Feature Parameters
Product introduction:

1.Confirm button  2. Previous  3. Next  4. Mode selection  5. AC/Solar preferred  6. ON/OFF switch  7. Input voltage  8. Working status  9. Parameter  10. Output voltage 11. Load level  12. Battery lever  13. Working mode
Press” ENTER” about 4 seconds to enter Advanced Menu, It will appear in the following settings

1. BLS: Press ↑or ↓ to select the battery voltage of turning off. Option of 10.0V, 10.5V, 10.8V and 11.1V
2. BTU: Press ↑or ↓ to select the battery voltage of switching to AC charging, Option of 11.4V, 11.6V, 11.8V and 12.0V
3. SCC: Press ↑or ↓ to select the maximum current of solar charger. Options of 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A and 50A
4. BHE: Press ↑or ↓ to select the battery types of user connecting to inverter.
5. CHR: Press ↑or ↓ to select the inverter AC charging current. Options of 5A/10A/20A/30A/45A
6. YES: Press ↑or ↓ to select the setting YES or NO and Press ENTER to confirm the selection

NP Series Solar System


_ Pure sine wave inverter, AVR function, Cold Start Function
_ Selectable INV MODE range (100Vac-290Vacor UPS MODE 145Vac-275Vac) for home appliances and personal computers
_  Selectable high power charging current of 5A/10A/20A/30A/45A/60A
_  UP to 8 types battery
_  Compatible to mains voltage or generator output
_  Auto restart while AC is recovering, Overload and short circuit protections
_  Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
_  Selectable solar charging current of 10A to 50A
_  Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
_  Select the battery voltage of turning off
_  Select the battery voltage of switching to AC charging
_  Remote control function USB and RS232 communication function
Model 1012 1024 2012 2024 3024 4048 5048 6048
Real Power 1000w 2000w 3000w 4000w 5000w 6000w
Indicator Panel LCD display
Voltage Range(INV mode) 160~275+/-5VAC 180~265+/-5VAC
Voltage Range(UPS mode) 100~290+/-5VAC 160~265+/-5VAC
Input Frequency 45~65HZ
Voltage Range(INV mode) 198~242+/-5VAC 120~252+/-5VAC
Voltage Range(UPS mode) 184~265+/-5VAC 160~265+/-5VAC
Efficiency >=96%(AC Mode)
Output Voltage 230VAC
Output Frequency 50+/-0.1Hz/60+/-0.1Hz(Auto sensing)
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Transfer Time 10ms(Typical)
Overload Capability (100%
Overcurrent Protection System shuts down automatically within 20ms
Output Short circuit Protection Yes
DC Voltage DC 12V DC 24V DC 12V DC 24V DC 48V
Battery Type 8 types of battery for choose
Charging Current 5A/10A/20A/30A/45A(60A) Max.
Charging Period Depend on the batteries connected
Net Weight(kg) 14.1 17 17.3 17.3 20.3 29.6 33 34.3
Dimension(mm) 526(L)*277(w)*282(H)mm 702(L)*277(W)*282(H)mm
Environment Temperature 0℃-40℃, Humidity 20%-90%
Noise Level <=40db(1m)
Altitude <=1000m (Altitude exceeds 1000m, full power cannot reach)
Product specifications are subject to change without notice