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Aerospace Baykee deeply implements the group's vision of "Wisely leading the global industry source". Relying on the technical benefit of aerospace and the advantage of the compound highly educated personnel in the military and civil industry.
Baykee focuses on the dual-use field of power supply technology and specializes in research & development, production and sales of military and industrial power supply and customized power supply. It has formed five major business segments: network energy, renewable energy, emergency power supply system, industrial special power supply and power quality management.

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Quality oriented

Generate profits, dominate market and gain support with quality

Innovated development

Advocate innovation,dare to and good at creation

Value creation

Steady opertaion,Value respected and service society

Excellent management

People-oriented,system as the key link and win-win coopeartion

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As a professional power quality supplier, equipped with complete production equipment, Including Japan Yamaha SMT machine, reflow welding machine, wave welding, bus processing machine, debugging power distribution cabinet, fully automated terminal machine, pneumatic terminal crimping machine, automatic production line...

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Development background of
lithium ion battery

Driven by new energy electric vehicles, China's lithium battery industry is developing rapidly. And in our daily life, are far away from the power supply. With the cost of fossil fuels rising, lithium-ion batteries are also helping power supplies.

With the application of various power sources becoming more and more extensive, lithium battery has gradually replaced lead-acid battery, becoming the current and future application trend.

Baykee's vision is to lead the global industrial power source, help consumers to solve the changing power demand, produce and develop a variety of lithium electronic battery products for different purposes.

Baykee.com, lithium ion storage batteries- The wise power solutions option

Lithium ion battery has the advantages of high energy density, high conversion efficiency, long cycle life, no memory effect, no charge-discharge delay, low self-discharge rate, wide operating temperature range and environmental friendliness, so it has become an ideal carrier of electric energy and has been widely used in various fields.

In UPS power supply, inverter power supply, central machine room, high and low voltage DC power supply equipment power supply, communication indoor and outdoor base station and other professional power supply places; So far home energy storage, solar energy storage, Baykee.com energy storage lithium ion batteries bring you a brilliant power experience.

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