LifePO4 for Telecommunication – leveraging the future billions of market space
LifePO4 for Telecommunication – leveraging the future billions of market space

What is happening to the lithium energy storage market?

Looking at different regions, the world has officially opened a big era of energy storage development. The Energy storage market of the United States will burst in 2020, ranking the third largest in the world. Major energy storage projects will appear in 2021-2024. At the same time, there are unstable factors such as power supply to increase the demand for household energy storage. Europe entered the era of energy storage as early as 2019, and in 2020, it will become the world's largest cumulative energy storage market. In The European region, Germany is the largest household energy storage market in the world, mainly because of high civil electricity prices and policy subsidies; In addition, affected by the safety of energy storage batteries, the number of newly installed devices is less than before, but it will still be the second largest energy storage market in the world by 2020.


The energy storage required by the power system requires three very important factors, including long life, low cost and high security. The two factors of long life and low cost have been basically solved, but more research is needed to explore the aspects of high safety. How can this last piece of the puzzle be solved in terms of R&D and practice? It certainly helps to have plenty of room to practice.

Where are the most important applications for conducting safety studies?

Due to the demand pull of electric vehicles, the progress of lithium-ion battery technology has been rapid, and the cost performance has been in the stage of rapid promotion and application. The performance of lithium batteries can almost be said to cover all application scenarios of the entire power system, including power side, grid side, user side, peak and frequency modulation, emergency construction, standby, black start, etc. Then, in addition to the demand for electric vehicles, the proportion of the communication market cannot be ignored. Since 2019, 5G commercial licenses issued, formal show 5G telecommunications era, communication upgrade will be driven by the outbreak of another energy storage billions market segment, because standing in the battery business point of view, in the tide of communications upgrade, regardless of the operator is on the basis of the original to upgrade or invest the new base station, The lithium-ion batteries needed are a handy business opportunity for battery manufactures.

Why are lithium-ion batteries such a big business opportunity in telecommunication base stations?

The outdoor environment of the communication base station is quite bad, so it is greatly affected by temperature and humidity, especially as a special attribute of the power supply of the base station. Compared with lead-acid batteries, the performance of energy storage lithium batteries plays an important role in the stability of network signals. More environmentally friendly, stable and long-life lithium-ion batteries become a better choice.


According to data from the Starting Point Research Institute (SPIR), the demand for energy storage in 5G base stations increased dramatically at a visible rate in the first half of 2020. In 2019, more than 5 million macro base stations and tens of millions of micro base stations will be built, with a total battery demand of more than 50GWh.

What are the features of lithium-ion batteries in the field of telecommunications?

From the above background information, it can be seen that the number of base stations in the communication industry is huge and widely distributed, and the requirements for the selected standby energy storage batteries are constantly increasing. The special intelligent energy storage lithium ion battery for remote communication launched by Baykee can timely start the protection system in case of unexpected short-circuit lightning shock and other conditions, and effectively guarantee the stable and safe standby power supply of the base station battery. Baykee's telecommunication energy storage system can frequently work in harsh field conditions and special environments. On the other hand, energy saving is also an important measure for communication base stations. A base station can save more than 7,200 KWH of power a year, which is enough to save a lot of power costs in today's world where communication is the king.


From the point of view of space, lithium ion battery compared with lead-acid battery, in the discharge of the internal resistance loss of electricity, low heat, and installation space is only the same as the capacity of lead-acid one-third, and the weight is a quarter. Baykee's special lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery for telecommunication is specially designed with tower and rack installation modes according to the attributes of lithium ion, which is convenient for assembly and gives full play to the characteristics of the lithium battery.

How does Baykee understand and view the future development of telecommunication energy storage?

Common lithium batteries provided by the current industry are encapsulated by simple BMS (battery management system) and battery cells. Although they have the characteristics of lithium batteries, they have simple functions, high expansion and upgrade costs, and limited application scenarios. Based on the in-depth understanding of the layout of renewable energy storage, Baykee integrates battery technology, network communication, power electronics, intelligent measurement and control, thermal design, AI, big data, cloud management and other technologies to comprehensively implement intelligent lithium electricity.

When looking for lithium batteries, how should we look at the various criteria?

The level of telecommunication energy storage is gradually developing from 'individual structure' to 'system architecture'. The first level is the most original individual structure, ordinary lithium as a replacement point for lead-acid batteries. It is only monotonically improved in performance, and the battery works alone, making the usage scenario very limited.


The second- and third-level divisions have been achieved in the system structure. Level 2 lithium batteries have a preliminary management mode, with the ability to execute autonomously, sensing and analyzing. Through the BMS system to achieve voltage, current balance, real-time parameter monitoring, over current/over voltage protection of the safety function.


Third level compared with second level distinction, is already in a higher level of intelligence. This level has executive and perceptual autonomy, and can make some decisions. It is more powerful than the first and second level, showing the ability of high energy density, high interactivity and precise balance control. The application of the scene is also enriched, including intelligent mixed use, parallel machine, and multiple intelligent functions of peak shifting, peak cutting and voltage boosting. Security features are displayed in SOC/SOH, cloud alarm, intelligent anti-theft, intelligent positioning and other functions.


As a leading power quality service provider, Aerospace Baykee has the above three kinds of lithium-ion batteries in the field of energy storage, supplying different target customers at domestic and abroad. We put ourselves in our customers' shoes and solve power problems. In any case, the use of remote communications is only one branch of the powerful lithium-ion battery. If you are interested in our photovoltaic energy storage, wind energy storage, hydrogen energy and other forms of energy supply, we will learn about the knowledge in other related information.


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