5Kwh all in one stacked home energy storage system 48v 100ah BK-ESS-5

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  • Stacked Home Energy Storage System
  • High performance intelligent BMS protection of lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Flexible configuration
  • Modular design, easy quick stacking
  • High voltage ,larger, easier, save more space
Model BK-ESS-5 BK-ESS-10 BK-ESS-15 BK-ESS-20
Capacity 5.12KWh/ 12KW 10.24KWh/ 12KW 15.36KWh/ 12KW 20.48KWh / 12KW
Standard discharge current 80A 80A 80A 80A
Max. discharge current 160A 160A 160A 160A
Working voltage range 40V-58V 40V-58V 40V-58V 40V-58V
Standard Voltage 51.2VDC 51.2VDC 51.2VDC 51.2VDC
Max. charging current 160A 160A 160A 160A
Max. charging voltage 57.6V 57.6V 57.6V 57.6V
Rated PV input voltage 360VDC
MPPT tracking voltage range 80V-500V
Max input voltage (VOC) at lowest temperature 550V
Max input power 12000W
Number of MPPT tracking paths 3/2+1
DC input voltage range 40V-58VDC
Inverter output efficiency 94%(MAX)
Inverter output voltage 220VAC±2%/230VAC±2%/240VAC±2%(Inverter mode)
Inverter output frequency 50/60 Hz
Inverter output waveform Pure sine wave
Grid output efficiency ≥97%
DC Max. Efficiency ≥96%
Max mains charging current 60A
Max PV charging current 100A
Max charging current(Grid+PV) 160A
Optional mode Gird priority/PV priority/Battery priority
Communication Optional: RS485/ RS232/CAN Wi-Fi/4G/ Bluetooth
Model 48100 48200
Specification 48V100Ah 51. 2V100Ah 48V200Ah 51. 2V200Ah
Combination 15S1P 16S1P 15S1P 16S1P
Capacity 4.8KWh 5.12KWh 9.6KWh 10.24KWh
Standard discharge current 50A 60A 100A 100A
Max. discharge current 100A 100A 150A 150A
Working voltage range 43.5~58VDC 43.5~58VDC 43.5~58VDC 43.5~58VDC
Standard Voltage 48VDC 51.2VDC 48VDC 51.2VDC
Max. charging current 50A 50A 100A 100A
Max. charging voltage 54V 57.6V 54V 57.6V
Cycle 3000~6000 cycles @DOD 80%/25°C/ 0.5C
Working humidity <60%
Operating temperature -20~50℃
Working altitude ≤2500m
Cooling method Natural cooling
Installation Stack installation
Protection level IP65
Max of parallel 8PCS
Communication Default: RS485/ RS232/ CAN Optional: Wi-Fi/ 4G/ Bluetooth
Certified CB CE UN38.3 MSDS


Q1. Can I get a XXX sample order for test?
A.Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check before bulk order.

Q2. What is the lead time for different products?
A.Standard in stock products 5-7 days, bulk order time needs 3-5 weeks, customized order needs 35 days.

Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit?
A.Yes, we have MOQ for standard production. 1 pc for sample to test is support.

Q4. How do you ship the sample or the bulk order?
A.We usually ship via DHL, UPS, FedEx or Express. It usually takes within a week to arrive. Bulk order is usually shipped by sea.

Q5. How to proceed with the order?
1st Understand specific product requirements and application scenarios
2nd Propose solutions and provide quotations
3rd Finalize the plan, sample order, deposit
4th Order production, delivery of the balance, arrange delivery

Q6. Is it OK to do OEM/ODM for my own logo?
A. Yes. Please share to us with your logo after the order confirmed.

Q7. How about the warranty condition of inverter/UPS?
A. All of industrial or commercial inverter/UPS with 2 year warranty.

Q8. How about cycles life and warranty of the lithium batteries?
A. All of batteries are 2000 cycles lifespan under 80% DOD or 2 years warranty.

Q9. How to choose a right power system?
A. We will recommend you a suitable one in accordance with your requirements and actual applications. To invest a reliable system will cost you less in the long run and bring you wonderful experience.

Q10. Do you provide mounting structures and cables for installations?
A. Yes, we provide all accessories with product including nuts/bolts for the optional guiding, so you can even do it installations yourself.

About Baykee

Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. Relying on the technical benefits of aerospace and the advantages of highly educated personnel in civil industry, focusing on the dual-use field of power technology,

specializing in R & D, production and sales of industrial power supplies, customized power supplies, etc., has formed network energy, renewable energy, emergency power supply system, industrial special power supply, power quality management five business segments. The company has advanced technology of UPS/EPS emergency power supply, modular data center, solar PV inverter, charging pile, energy storage equipment, intelligent power distribution and other homologous products.

At present, the company focuses on emerging industries such as smart city & big data, smart energy, smart transportation, pv energy storage system, and has formed a comprehensive solution such as IDC data center, communication power system, optical storage and charging integrated smart energy system, and intelligent power supply system for rail transit

Baykee Mission & Attitude

Relying on the technical advantages of aerospace and the advantages of the military and civil industry compound highly educated talents, focusing on the “high, fine and advanced” field, to become a leading power quality service provider.

Cooperative, trustworthy and professional:
Aerospace Baykee adheres to the multi-dimensional cooperation strategy, provides customers with personalized and all-round pre-sales technical guidance and the most reliable after-sales guarantee, and provides power for energy development with solid professional background.

Baykee Factory

Baykee Factory

1. Independent factory
Founded in 2007, the company adheres to the strategy of innovation-driven development, adheres to the concept of “high-end service, excellence”, and adheres to the road of independent brand development. In Foshan has headquarters R & D production base 20000 square meters.
2. More than ten mature production lines
It has more than 350 professional manufacturing plants and more than ten professional production lines.
3. Strong independent research and development team, software and hardware independent research and development
The company has set up a provincial enterprise technology center and a provincial engineering center, and built a CNAS laboratory. Baykee has more than 80 scientific and technological personnel. In the power related fields to create outstanding performance, has launched UPS uninterrupted power, photovoltaic solar inverter, industrial energy storage system, home energy storage system, outdoor energy storage system and other more than 10 high-end power products with industry leading advantages.
4. Timely delivery
The company delivers 130,000 sets of products per month

Quality Assurance

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, IEC certification, MSDS, UN38.3 energy conservation certification, TLC certification, undertook the Guangzhou Tower, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge, Olympic venues, Pakistan Orange Line subway, Nigeria National Railway, Costa Rica National Stadium (ESTADIO NACIONAL DE) COSTA RICA), Iraq Hospital, Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital, etc.

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  1. Weiss grams

    The BK-ESS-5 stacked home energy storage system is a space-saving, modular powerhouse with intelligent BMS protection. Ideal for reliable home energy storage.

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