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Outdoor potable power bank
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Support 9 devices to use power at the same time

Device endurance

Product Advantage Reference Table

Industry innovation BMS, MPPT, bidirectional inverter

Safety and quality inspection


Important Work Freedom from Electricity

Product Details

Product Parameters

Product name Outdoor potable power bank
Specifications MS-1500 MS-2100 Special customization
Battery capacity 1000Wh 1250Wh Select according to energy requirements
Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate battery Select according to energy requirements
Power input Solar panel charging 200W (max)/220v 50Hz4.5A)/vehicle charging
(photovoltaic input adapter) 100w(max)
Power output Chinese standard five-hole socket 2:2100W (max) "2(220V)
USB-A*2: 18W (max) *2
USB-C*2:PD100W (max) *2
XT60 port "1:100w max)" 1 (12V/24V universal)
DC5521*2:100W(max)*2 (12V/24V universal)
Temperature parameter The charging environment is 0-45°C, and the discharging environment is -10~45°C
Storage temperature: -20°C-45°C
Battery management system Protection against temperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent,short circuit, etc.
Accessories AC Charging Cable*1/Product Manual*1/Outdoor Portable Power Bank"1
Product weight 14.5kg 16kg Calculated by battery type
Product Size 360mm* 205mm*275mm
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