Storage of green new energy Household energy storage
Storage of green new energy Household energy storage

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released the "Renewables 2022" report, pointing out that the global energy crisis will promote the development of renewable energy unprecedentedly. Total global capacity growth in renewable energy will almost double over the next five years, displacing coal as the largest source of electricity generation and potentially limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Since the Russian-Ukraine conflict broke out in March this year, the cost of energy used by European countries has continued to increase. In order to cope with the peak season of electricity consumption this winter, European countries have accelerated the stockpiling of natural gas by importing a large amount of LNG and seeking more sources of natural gas in the past few months. As of the end of December this year, the gas storage level in European countries has exceeded 90%, and the gas storage level in some countries has even exceeded 95%. Many countries have publicly stated that the level of natural gas storage is sufficient to meet the needs of European countries this winter.

But the good times don’t last long. According to the latest report released by the European Power Grid Industry Association ENTSO-E, many member states of the European Union may experience power shortages this winter, which will be more serious than the power shortages in previous winters. The agency pointed out that although the European power supply system is highly dependent on natural gas, the output of nuclear power in countries such as France and Finland is insufficient this winter. At the same time, countries such as Poland and Germany also have the problem of untimely coal supply cause shock.

To make matters worse, since December, there has been continuous cold air in Europe, and meteorological agencies in many countries have issued warnings that the severe cold weather will further exacerbate energy shortages in Europe. In the second week of December, the British Weather Forecasting Office issued multiple snow and freezing weather warnings, indicating that the temperature in many parts of the UK will drop below minus ten degrees, and that this round of cold wave will affect most countries in northern, central and eastern Europe . The German meteorological agency DWD also issued a warning on December 9 that the probability of a "cold winter" this winter is much higher than that of a "warm winter", and during the "cold winter", natural gas consumption will soar.

The supply of natural gas and coal is insufficient, you can consider wind energy, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy and other renewable clean energy. BAYKEE power has been engaged in the production and manufacturing of uninterruptible power supplies since 2007, and began to lay out the research and development of solar photovoltaic energy storage systems in 2015. Now we have a strong technical research and development team; the company has a production base of 20,000 square meters, specializing in the production of household energy storage inverters, industrial and commercial energy storage, large-scale energy storage, etc., and is committed to becoming a well-known international power supply brand.

BAYKEE household energy storage system inverters are divided into several types, among which BAYKEE home all-in-one inverters are the most popular among customers. BAYKEE household all-in-one inverter has built-in MPPT solar charge controller and lithium battery. The maximum tracking efficiency of MPPT can reach 99.9%, and the maximum conversion efficiency can reach 98%. The inverter is divided into three layers, the first layer above is the inverter host, and the second and third layers below are lithium batteries. The maximum power of the inverter is 6KVA. It adopts three-phase bidirectional hybrid inverter and supports parallel connection of 6 battery modules to improve capacity expansion. Support WIFI acquisition and provide remote control. All-in-one design allows you to connect and use it out of the box. It is easy to understand and provides installation videos so that you can complete the installation independently at home.

BAYKEE household integrated inverter energy storage system is composed of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic panels and integrated household inverters. Photovoltaic panels can be installed on roofs, open spaces with sunlight, and seaside. Because solar photovoltaic depends on the uncertainty of the weather, you can combine it with wind energy, hydrogen energy and other energy sources. When there is solar energy during the day, the photovoltaic inverter system works to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in lithium batteries. At night, the electric energy stored in the lithium battery is converted into the AC power used by the load through the inverter to supply power to the load. If the DC power supply of the lithium battery is surplus, it can also be connected to the grid, saving you electricity costs and earning more profits for you. Especially in areas where coal and natural gas resources are severely scarce, use renewable energy to generate electricity, reduce your carbon emissions, and help achieve net zero emissions goals.

Taking a household energy storage system with a capacity of 10kWh and a running time of 20 years as the standard, if the total cost of the initial solar storage investment is 0.9 EUR /KWh and the electricity price is 0.3 EUR /kWh, the user’s return on investment will reach 13.4%, the payback period is only 5 years. Under the investment cost of 0.65 Euro/KWh and the residential electricity price of 0.5 Euro/kWh, the rate of return can be as high as 34.9%, and the investment payback period is only 2 years. This household savings demand with significant economic benefits has led to an extremely rapid growth in European household savings demand driven by the economic benefits of the market.

If you have any needs for energy storage systems, please contact us. BAYKEE will provide professional power storage system solutions, support customized services, and develop solutions that meet your needs for you.

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