The mainstay of the energy storage system lithium battery
The mainstay of the energy storage system lithium battery

In recent years, the world has been calling for the era of zero carbon emissions, and green and clean energy is being explored at an accelerated rate. For example, in the power crisis encountered in Europe this year, the problem lies in the instability of renewable energy power generation, which does not necessarily match the demand. This year, the wind volume in Europe has experienced a huge drop, but there have been problems with the supply of coal and natural gas. lead to the emergence of electricity shortages in Europe. The fundamental way to solve the carbon emission problem at present is to change the way of energy development, accelerate the promotion of clean substitution and electric energy substitution, and completely get rid of the dependence on fossil energy.

Facing the accelerated transformation of the global energy structure, the demand for energy storage equipment continues to rise. BAYKEE has launched an integrated solution for battery energy storage systems to expand the energy storage market in Europe, Australia, America and other regions, and achieve a significant increase in the market share of lithium battery energy storage for households and industrial and commercial energy storage.

With the improvement of energy storage equipment, as the main body in the energy storage system-lithium battery, the demand has also surged. As a battery manufacturer, BAYKEE has 15 years of battery production experience. Helping the demand for overseas lithium batteries. BAYKEE lithium batteries are widely used in electric power tool and energy storage fields, such as power tools, new energy vehicles, telecommunications, and energy storage systems.

BAYKEE lithium battery can provide customized services according to customer needs:

  1. The power battery adopts A-class cells, with various specifications such as: 50ah 100ah 150ah 200ah 280ah, etc., The voltage and cells can be customized according to customer requirements, and the combination of battery modules can be determined; Advanced BMS battery managementmodule developed by BAYKEE, providing voltage, current, temperature acquisition; SOC and SOH estimation; communication function, fault warning, abnormal protection, thermal management function, charging management; Design the requirements of the whole vehicle according to your needs, such as high-voltage equipment voltage platform, equipment power, etc., whichis to increase the driving range and energy requirements of your entire vehicle. The power battery mainly used in new energy vehicles, RVs, ships, yachts, telecommunications and other fields.
  2. Energy storage batterysupport customized high voltage, multiple battery packscan be connected in parallel, support high current charging and discharging. Advanced BMS battery management system, higher safety performance, longer cycle life of lithium battery. The energy storage lithium battery system has high energy utilization efficiency, more flexible use and faster response speed. Energy storage lithium batteries can help access the power grid, improve power quality, and assist in regulating voltage and frequency. It is mainly used in wind energy, photovoltaic power generation and other new energy storage systems.

BAYKEE energy storage lithium batteries meet the needs of the new energy market and play different roles in the field of photovoltaic energy management:

(1) The energy storage lithium battery can quickly enter the charging or discharging state according to the needs of users in the power system, fully meet the power demand in social life and industrial production, They can also alleviate power supply instability caused by grid load peaks and new energy power fluctuations.

(2) The power load is affected by the user's demand and presents a significant peak-valley characteristic. The energy storage battery can release the electrical energy during the peak load and store the electrical energy during the load trough, so as to achieve the goal of peak shaving and valley filling.

(3) Energy storage batteries can improve power quality by shaving peaks and filling valleys, smoothing fluctuations, ensuring the stability and reliability of power supply.

(4) While providing power quality, the energy storage battery reduces the loss of the power grid system and prolongs the service life of electrical equipment, thereby saving the cost of upgrading the power grid.

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